Terms of Use

Villa Savarino

Internal regulation

These Regulations are an integral part of the Booking Form, for anything not explicitly mentioned, reference is made to current regulations, good taste and common sense of each in the interest of all.

Welcome to Villa Savarino!

Villa Savarino is more than anything else the residence of many guests who have decided to stay there; it is therefore important to respect it and treat it as one would take care of one’s own home and that of relatives and friends.

We are pleased to share with you the knowledge of the rules of the house and we invite you to read with us the regulation to follow in order not to disturb or damage yourself, others and the environment.

The regulation is an integral part of the contract stipulated between the Management and the kind Guests.

Your collaboration will be essential for a pleasant stay, first of all for our guests, for our B&B and for the external environment in which it is located, and finally also for the staff and management who work there.

For the purposes of good coexistence, we also suggest that all kind travelers observe not only the rules dictated by law but also those dictated by simple common sense and mutual respect.

We are at your complete disposal for any doubt or need, in order to make your stay as pleasant as possible.

The direction

1. General Indications

The Regulations of the “Villa Savarino” accommodation facility are established to guarantee everyone a uniform, orderly, serene and peaceful use of the same. It has a contractual nature between “Villa Savarino” (henceforth also only “B&B” or “Facility”) and the Guest (henceforth also “Customer”) and, therefore, the request to stay in a B&B and the acceptance of this request by “Villa Savarino” implies total acceptance of these Regulations.

All guests are required to comply with the Internal Regulations of the Accommodation Structure, which can be consulted at the reception of the B&B, summarized in the illustrative brochure displayed in the rooms and in full on the website www.villadeltempo.com.

Non-compliance with the Regulations and further provisions of the Management may result in the offender being removed from the Structure and the relative reporting of the fact to all national and international tourist organisations, subject to reporting also to the Public Authorities in the event that non-compliance could possibly suggest the commission of a crime.

Please respect all the specific indications given on the signs placed in the area owned and/or pertaining to the B&B.

Parents (or those who legally exercise their authority) are responsible for the acts committed by their minor children inside the B&B, therefore they are required to supervise them and make sure that they maintain a polite and respectful behavior towards others, especially as regards the obligation to respect silence, the correct use of the bathrooms (which cannot be considered play or meeting places), and the equipment made available by the Structure to its Guests. Any activity that may disturb other Guests is prohibited. In general, all the provisions of this contract regulation must be respected.

The conduct held both by adults and by minors is considered contractually relevant and, therefore, any transgression of the provisions of this regulation and of the common rules of civil coexistence and good running of the B&B will result, according to the judgment contractually unappealable to the Management, the immediate termination of the contract due to the fact of the Guest and the removal from the B&B within 3 hours of the dispute of the facts. In this case, the Management of the B&B is entitled to withhold the sums already paid and to demand the residual sums, also by way of compensation for the damage/s, without prejudice to the right to compensation for the greater damage ascertained.

The Management, as required by the current laws of the Italian Republic, has the right to expel without notice anyone who does not comply with the Regulations or behaves in such a way as to create damage or disturbance.

Personnel appointed by the Management are required to enforce the Regulations towards anyone. Each Client, in the very act of accepting hospitality in the B&B, also contractually agrees to submit to the Authority of said staff and the Management of the B&B, who are in any case obliged in turn to always respect the Laws of the Italian Republic and the principles commonly accepted by the our culture of courtesy and good manners. According to the B&B policy, all guests have the right to respectful and dignified treatment and, as responsible hospitality establishments, there is an obligation to protect guests from inappropriate behaviour. If the actions of a guest are judged inappropriate by a member of staff, or if inappropriate behavior is reported, the B&B reserves the right to take action against the guest, after verifying this situation. Depending on the seriousness of the guests’ actions, the B&B may, at its discretion, request the intervention of the police or remove the guests from the structure.

The Management reserves the right to modify at any time and keep these Regulations updated.

2. Reservation

For information, it is possible to contact the reception and management of the B&B by telephone, via E-Mail, via Whatsapp, through the messaging services of the official social network profiles of the B&B or in person.

Reservations can be made by sending a written request to the email address info@villadeltempo.com, by sending a specially prepared form on the B&B website or by telephone.

The booking request must indicate the number and type of rooms requested, name, surname, date of arrival, date of departure, number of adults and children, age of the children (in order to be able to offer tailor-made estimates for different needs), telephone number /fax, e-mail for communications. We invite our kind guests to also communicate their estimated time of arrival.

DEPOSIT/DEPOSIT. To confirm a reservation, a deposit equal to 20% of the entire stay is required as a guarantee. The Deposit must include the booking references (name, period, number of people, number and type of rooms, type of treatment).

For the payment of the deposit or the balance, the payment method is agreed between the parties (bank transfer, credit cards, PayPal or other payment methods).

The confirmatory deposit must be paid by the Guest to the B&B by the date indicated in the booking phase (we send an email, with the booking confirmation methods, in which the date by which we expect the deposit is indicated). At most seven days from the time of booking.

After receipt of the deposit (or valid credit card details), the final confirmation of the booking by the B&B will be communicated to the Guest: from that moment the booking is definitively confirmed.

3. Booking changes, cancellations

In the event that the customer is unable to occupy the accommodation in the booked period due to difficulties with the means of transport, errors or other personal reasons, no refund is foreseen.

There is no refund even for early departures or late arrivals with respect to the dates agreed at the time of booking.

Customers who leave early are required to pay the room for the remaining guests. days of the booking, pursuant to art. 1385-1386 of the civil code and subsequent amendments

In case of misunderstandings attributable to the B&B at the time of booking, the Management undertakes to arrange, when possible, for different accommodation of the Guest in rooms or equivalent structures.

PENALTIES: In the event of cancellation of the contract by the Client before arrival, the following clauses apply:

In case of cancellation communicated by e-mail at least 14 days before the scheduled arrival date for the stay, the deposit/down payment will be refunded in full to the Guest, less the bank charges of the refund operation with a maximum of € 10.00 ;

In case of cancellation communicated by e-mail at least 14 days in advance of the scheduled arrival date, the deposit will be transformed into a voucher of equivalent value which can be recovered by the customer within the calendar year of the cancellation for another stay of equal value. duration to be agreed with the owner of the accommodation according to availability;

For cancellations not communicated, or for no-shows, the deposit will be entirely retained by the B&B;

The cancellation of the contract by the manager of the B&B involves the payment of a penalty equal to double the deposit/advance paid.

Exceptions to these rules are special and particular offers such as non-refundable rates, offers for discounted early bookings and the like: in these cases no refund is recognized.

4. Balance of stay

BALANCE OF THE ROOM: The balance of the room must be paid upon arrival. It is possible to pay in cash for a maximum amount of 1999.00 Euros (subject to changes to the laws relating to cash payment) or also by credit card or debit card. Attention, Travel Checks and Personal or Circular Checks are not accepted.

The balance of the stay is due upon arrival of the Guest, any deposit paid or the guarantee given by credit card does not exempt the customer from payment. The deposit and the pre-authorization requested will remain valid and as a guarantee for the entire duration of the stay and will be reversed upon departure after checking the state of the room, the regularity of the stay, as well as the balance of the extras and the main conditions of the regulation, with a possible charge in case of damage, documented and contested extras and/or early departure.

PRE-AUTHORIZATION, DEBIT on CREDIT CARD: For the unfreezing conditions of the pre-authorisation, please contact your bank, the B&B is not responsible for any delays in unfreezing the sum by the competent credit institutions. The customer who requests it will be issued a regular receipt of the operation described.

PRE-ACCOUNT and VERIFICATION: before the balance of the account it is possible to request the vision of the account and the debits for verification. Any errors or omissions must be reported to the Administration of the B&B before issuing the bill.

INVOICE: if the Guest requires an invoice, please report it promptly (at least 1 day before departure) providing the B&B with the correct header data and any other information. Otherwise, a simple tax document will be issued and subsequent cancellation will not be possible.

BALANCE ON DEPARTURE: In the event of an agreement for payment on departure, the balance of the amount due (consumed or used) during the entire stay must be paid before checking out.

EXTRA CONSUMPTIONS: At the time of paying the balance, any extra consumption not yet detected by the B&B staff must be communicated.

MEALS NOT CONSUMED: Discounts are not made on breakfasts not consumed.

UNDECLARED GUESTS: For reasons of Public Safety, no outsider may have access to the premises of the B&B. If the hotelier were to notice any people staying in the same room, but not declared at the time of booking or at the time of arrival, they will be charged to the holder of the reservation with a rate increased by 40% of the daily price with the option of the Management and of the property to report to the authorities of P.S. all unauthorized persons, found inside the B&B.

CHARGE, LOSS OR BREAKAGE OF KEYS: Breakage of the key will be counted with a minimum amount of 5.00 euros for the duplicate. The loss of the key ring will be charged with an amount of 30.00 euros.

DAMAGE CHARGE: Guests responsible for minors or pets are required to answer for any damage caused by them and are required to compensate them. In case of missing linen, we will be forced to charge it to the account. In case of theft or loss of bicycles owned by the B&B temporarily entrusted to the Guest, a minimum amount of € 80.00 will be charged. In the case of other tools or equipment, it will be evaluated taking into account the amount necessary to buy them back.

5. Rates and Treatments

Rates are per day (per night) regardless of the time of entry.

The arrangement (or hospitality treatment) agreed at the time of booking remains valid for the entire period of stay:

BED & BREAKFAST (B&B): Room with Breakfast: accommodation includes room and breakfast. The B&B treatment does not include meals, with the exception of breakfast, served in the B&B room at fixed times. The hotelier is not required to administer meals outside the established times and premises.

The price of the stay includes cleaning of the room when the Guest deems it necessary (and communicates it by hanging the appropriate tag outside the door).

For children from 0 to 3 years: The B&B, if expressly requested in the booking, makes available to younger guests free of charge: cots, high chairs, booster seats, subject to availability.

6. Arrival (Check In)

ROOM DELIVERY: the delivery of the rooms is NOT scheduled before 12:30 (GMT+1) and will be guaranteed until 22:00 (GMT+1), unless otherwise agreed. Guests are required to specify and agree with the Management of the B&B, at the time of booking, the expected arrival time.

ARRIVAL TIMES: Check-in 12:30 – 23:00 Any arrivals after this time must be reported to the Villa Savarino Management at the time of booking and agreed for acceptance by the same. If due to force majeure, it is not possible to arrive on time, it is essential to promptly notify the B&B. If room availability is requested before the established times, the previous night will be considered as the first overnight stay.

ACCEPTANCE OF MINORS: Minimum age to rent a room: 18 years. Minors unaccompanied by adults will be accepted only if in possession of a release signed by their parents (or by those who legally exercise their authority), with their telephone number for availability and a copy of their document, or supervised by a Companion who assumes all responsibility for the work of the minor.

IDENTITY DOCUMENTS: Upon arrival, guests must be provided with Valid Identification/Identity Documents, including minors.

PUBLIC SECURITY REGISTRATION: To fulfill the obligation established by the “Consolidated text of public safety laws” (article 109 R.D. 18.6.1931 n. 773), upon their arrival, customers (including minors) are required to deliver the own valid identity documents and to fill in and sign the data processing authorization form. In fact, we have the obligation to communicate to the Police Headquarters the personal details of the customers accommodated according to the methods established by the Ministry of the Interior (Decree of 7 January 2013). The provision of data is mandatory and does not require the customer’s consent, on the contrary, in case of refusal to provide them we will not be able to accommodate the aforementioned customer in our structure. The data acquired for this purpose are not stored by us, unless you give us consent to storage.

DATA PROCESSING: The data processing is carried out in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (“GDPR”) articles 13 and 14 and subsequent national adaptation standards. For further information: GDPR (Privacy Policy)

ARRIVAL (Check In)

SIGNALING OF UNREGISTERED EXTERNAL GUESTS: For public safety reasons, guests are not allowed to allow other people to enter the accommodation at any time. It is possible to meet external guests only in the common area and on the veranda, but it is not allowed to host people in the rooms who are not reported and declared at the time of registration. Visits by family or friends must be authorized by the Management, furthermore the visitor is required to leave an identity document with the Management which he will collect when leaving the B&B. It is absolutely forbidden to let people who are not registered by authorized personnel stay overnight in the room. The presence within the structure of people visiting the guests must be communicated in advance and authorized by the Management.

N° OF ACCOMMODATED PEOPLE: In no case is accommodation allowed for people exceeding the number fixed in the booking unless previously agreed. The Management reserves the right to refuse entry to the accommodation if this condition is not observed.

KEY DELIVERY: The keys will be delivered to the reception starting from the time indicated as check in (from 12:30). The keys will be handed over upon arrival after having carried out the registration operations.


ROOM DELIVERY: if the room is ready before the check-in time it will be assigned immediately, otherwise it will be possible to leave the luggage with us.

ROOM ASSIGNMENT: The choice and designation of the place, in the type and category booked, is at the total discretion of the Management of the B&B, unless otherwise explicitly agreed in writing.

RECEPTION POINT: The reception point on arrival is in the common room of the structure.

PEOPLE OCCUPANT IN THE ROOM: Each lodging can only be occupied by the number of people indicated for that specific housing unit (unless the customer requests to add another bed). All the names of the occupants must be provided at the reception, together with the place and date of birth, to allow communication to the Public Safety.

PARKING SPACES: 3 parking spaces are guaranteed and a large public parking, half of which is free, is available in the immediate vicinity of the B&B.

CHECKING THE CONDITIONS OF THE ROOM AT THE TIME OF DELIVERY: The kind Guests will be asked to immediately report to the Management any damage,

7. Departure (Check Out)

ROOM RETURN: rooms must be returned by 10:00 (GMT+1), unless otherwise agreed. Unauthorized extensions after this time will be considered as an extension of the stay and will be charged.

KEY RETURN: On the day of departure, the rooms must be vacated by 10:00 and the keys must be handed over at the Reception to the assigned staff who check what is given in use (to avoid discussions, please give advance notification of any breakages, etc.).

COLLECTION OF DOCUMENTS and RETURN OF OBJECTS: Guests are requested, upon departure, to verify that they have collected your documents and to hand over the keys.

PENALTY FOR DELAYED DEPARTURE: After 10:30 (time for tidying up the room), the total cost of the room for an entire day will be charged to the customer.

EARLY DEPARTURE: In case of early departure with respect to the booking period, the customer will have to pay the full amount agreed at the time of booking. If, on the day of your departure (check out), you plan to leave before 8.00 in the morning, we kindly ask you to notify us 24 hours in advance.

ACCOUNT BALANCE: Guests are kindly requested to settle their bill the day before departure, from 18:00 to 20:00 in the Management.

For specific accounting needs (holiday bonuses, accounts to be divided, invoices, etc.) please notify us in advance, so that we can carry out all the procedures with the necessary time and attention.

If you prefer, you can also pay everything already upon your arrival. Credit Cards, the Bancomat system, checks and cash are accepted.

LUGGAGE STORAGE: On the day of departure it is possible to leave the luggage in custody at the B&B until 17:00 (5.00pm)

TOURIST TAX: when paying for the stay, Guests are required to pay the tourist tax, which amounts to €1.50 per person per night, as required by current regulations in the Lombardy region.

8. Rules of conduct during the stay

ROOM CLEANING AND AVAILABILITY: all the rooms are cleaned every time the customer requests it, and naturally at every customer change. On the day of arrival, the room is handed over from around 12:30. During the period of stay the room will always be available to guests except for 30 minutes from 08:00 to 14:00 to allow for daily cleaning. If the customer does not want the room to be made up at the indicated time, he will in fact lose the right to a daily make-up.

STAFF ACCESS TO OCCUPIED ROOMS: If, in addition to normal access for cleaning, for maintenance or other reasons it is necessary for hotel staff to access an occupied room, or in the event of significant changes to the cleaning schedule and services, the B&B undertakes to inform guests of any need for staff to enter an occupied room.

LINEN: Bed linen is changed twice a week unless specifically requested by the customer (it can be changed daily or at most three times a week without specific requests). Bathroom linen is changed three times a week unless specifically requested by the customer (it can be changed daily or at most three times a week without specific requests).

It is absolutely forbidden to take the B&B linen out of the structure, intended for exclusive use inside the rooms.

BEHAVIOR: Kind customers are asked to behave respectfully within the structure during the entire period of their stay.

At any time, within the structure, behaviors, activities, games and use of equipment that cause disturbance to other guests must be avoided.

Adults are responsible for the behavior of minors in their care or any pets.

A behavior must always be maintained that at no time of the day and in no way damages the tranquility of others.

Please do not slam the doors but accompany them, if you return to your room late please close the door of your room gently so as not to disturb those who are already asleep.

As already clarified in point 1 paragraph h, according to the B&B’s policy, all guests enjoy the right to respectful and dignified treatment and, as responsible reception facilities, we have an obligation to protect guests from inappropriate behaviour. If the actions of a guest are judged inappropriate by a member of staff, or if inappropriate behavior is reported, the B&B reserves the right to take action against the guest, after verifying this situation. Depending on the seriousness of the guests’ actions, the B&B may, at its discretion, request the intervention of the police or remove the guests from the structure.

USE OF BEDROOMS AND BATHROOMS: The rooms are simply furnished. Even if not of great value, these furnishings are “family assets” and deserve all possible respect.

It is forbidden to prepare meals in the room, use machinery and equipment for washing, ironing, heating, etc…

It is forbidden throughout the structure, including the rooms, to use open flame equipment whatever the fuel used (stoves, space heaters, lamps, etc…)

Any damage caused to furniture, furnishings or equipment will be adequately assessed with the business owners for the relative reimbursement.

Our rooms all have a private bathroom in which we invite guests to avoid unnecessary waste.

LINEN: Bed linen is changed twice a week unless specifically requested by the customer (it can be changed daily or at most three times a week without specific requests). Bathroom linen is changed three times a week unless specifically requested by the customer (it can be changed daily or at most three times a week without specific requests).

Inside the bedroom or bathroom you will find everything you need: blankets, pillows, towels, etc. It is forbidden to bring any object found in the rooms, bathrooms or otherwise inside the B&B outside.

Keep all areas clean and tidy.

Kind guests are urged to take care to turn off the lights in the rooms and the air conditioners when you are out of the room/accommodation. Also, when the air conditioner is on, kind guests are kindly requested to make sure that the windows are closed.

The management and staff of Villa Savarino are in no way responsible for objects owned by guests left unattended in the rooms. All Guests are therefore requested not to leave valuables unattended.

Do not throw substances or materials other than that down the toilet

9. Rules for animals

Our b&b accepts domestic animals upon request and confirmation. For four-legged guests there is a one-time supplement of € 20.00. Out of respect for all guests and the common rules of hygiene, the owners of our four-legged friends must guarantee compliance with the rules listed below:

The presence of the animal must be communicated when booking (to allow us to offer the most suitable accommodation) and accepted by the B&B; no more than one pet per room is accepted;

Only animals in compliance with the rules established by the hygiene regulations and by the current legislation on the subject will be able to access the structure. Villa Savarino reserves the right to verify its validity;

Our four-legged friends are welcome on the veranda. However, they will not be able to stay in the common room and be taken back to their room if another customer complains about their presence on the terrace.

We kindly ask you to always keep your dog on a leash in the common areas, both inside the b&b and in the pertinent external areas (veranda);

The owners are responsible for the hygiene and cleaning of their four-legged friend and for the possible restoration of the hygiene of the room and the common areas, providing themselves with shovels and bags.

The customer must be adequately equipped for the well-being of his pet: carriers, travel kennels or beds, blankets or grooming materials are not provided by the B&B

Any use of the linen provided in the room, both the bed and the bathroom, for animals is prohibited. If traces (hair, dirt or other) are found on the beds or linen, we will be forced to charge the customer the value of the contaminated item.

It is forbidden to let the animal climb on the beds, armchairs, chairs, tables, etc.

In the rooms, pets cannot be left unattended (day or night). The barking of dogs or the meowing of cats can disturb other guests. The judgment of the management in wanting to remove animals that disturb the other guests of the structure with their behavior is unquestionable;

Pet owners accept full responsibility for damages that may arise from animals to people or things.

The behavior of the animal must be managed by the owner so as not to disturb the other guests (pay attention to the presence of other animals). An animal that disturbs any of the customers or other people in the hotel must, upon request, be calmed or removed.

For your pet’s safety and comfort, the maid will not clean the room if your pet is left unattended. If you are present while the maid is in your room, your pet must be on a leash or in a cage. Please contact the housekeeper regarding the appropriate time for room cleaning;

The management reserves the right to withdraw the accommodation contract at any time and without notice to anyone who does not comply with the above indications.

10. Internet Point, WiFi, LAN

All areas and rooms of Villa Savarino are covered by Wi-Fi service whose code, upon release of personal details and declaration of privacy release, will be provided by the online Access Point itself.

The RECEPTION is not required to know the technical methods of the customers’ electronic appliances and devices, nor the methods of use and setting.

11. Timetables

Guests are kindly requested to respect the times displayed to use the services. The structure is not obliged to provide services outside these hours nor to reimburse services not used due to negligence or delay of the customer, including breakfast, lunch and dinner meals

The delivery of the rooms takes place from 12:30 to 23:00 on the day of arrival

On the day of departure, the rooms must be vacated between 07:30 and 10:00

Please communicate any time requirements other than those indicated here well in advance

REST and SILENCE: In the hours 13:00-16:00 and 00:30 – 07:30 any noise that could disturb guests’ rest is prohibited, including loud voices. The use of the radio and the PC is allowed with extreme moderation and, in any case, in absolute compliance with the hours of silence.

SERVICE TIMES in the B&B: unless otherwise indicated on the notices at the entrance to the restaurant area and at the reception:

Breakfast: in the common room, the customer can take advantage of the self-service breakfast from 7:00 to 11:00.

12. Environment

During their stay, guests are asked to try to safeguard the natural environment by making rational use of water and electricity: avoid leaving taps open or air conditioners and lights on if you don’t need them or when you leave your rooms

Do not throw waste in the common areas and in the pine forest and try to differentiate your waste so that it can be placed correctly in the appropriate containers. In case of doubts, ask at the Reception of the B&B

Do not take stones or plants or anything else from the beach and natural areas

Water is a precious commodity for every community. It is absolutely forbidden to use water for improper uses. Use is permitted for primary purposes only (personal hygiene, irrigation, etc.). The guests of the structure will take care to avoid any form of waste.

13. Electrical equipment

The current in the hotel is alternating current at 220 volts, check that your appliances are suitable for this type of current

The electrical sockets are of the Italian type. Bring adapters if your appliances are equipped with plugs with a different system

The hotelier does not assume responsibility for any damage to the equipment due to force majeure (sudden blackouts, sudden changes in voltage, etc.).

14. Behavior, damage

Anyone who causes damage to the building, movable property, equipment, etc. is held legally responsible for it in the context of the regulations in force. Intentional theft and damage will be reported immediately. Upon departure, the staff of the structure carries out a check of the rooms and the costs for the replacement of any damage or loss of keys are charged and are to be paid upon check out.

The management declines all responsibility for any injuries to minors within the structure or its pertinent spaces, who must be accompanied by their parents and/or guardians

The kind Guests are kindly requested to respect the times of quiet in the afternoon and night’s rest

The kind Guests are kindly requested to use the rooms, the furnishings, the equipment and the inventory that are made available to you with respect

The customer undertakes to respect the premises and the things contained therein, any damage caused voluntarily to the structures, but also attributable to inexperience or distraction, will be charged at the cost of the restoration.

15. Smoke, fires and open flames

There is an absolute ban on smoking in all rooms inside the structure and, above all, in the bedrooms and corridors or bathrooms, as well as in the common room.

It is absolutely forbidden to burn or light candles in the bedrooms, corridors and other environments.

In some periods of the year (especially summer) it is strictly forbidden to light fires or use candles and open flames even in outdoor areas due to the serious fire risk

It is mandatory to Inquire and read the fire regulations, the equipment and the behavior to be followed in the event of a fire

It is absolutely forbidden to light any stove inside the rooms

The B&B does not have rooms for smokers, therefore the whole B&B and especially in the rooms is strictly forbidden to smoke

It is forbidden to use electric hobs in the rooms or other areas of the B&B, other food warmers, etc. For any need to heat food, you can contact the reception. We will be happy to help you

Grills and open flames are not permitted

It is forbidden throughout the structure, including the rooms, to use open flame equipment whatever the fuel used (stoves, space heaters, lamps, etc.)

It is forbidden to prepare meals in the room, to use hair dryers not supplied by the Management, electric hobs, machinery and equipment for washing, ironing, heating, etc. and any other arbitrary use of the driving force of the B&B. The prohibition does not include electric razors, battery chargers for mobile phones and personal computers in compliance with EEC standards and equipped with a special transformer.

16. Meals, hygiene and safety

For hygiene and safety reasons it is NOT allowed to prepare meals in the rooms, much less meals or hot drinks

Breakfast is eaten in the breakfast room, or on the adjacent outdoor terrace, when the weather permits.

Guests of the B&B are not allowed to bring food and drinks intended for breakfast to places other than the special rooms used for the service (in the room or outside the structure).

17. Doctor, infectious diseases

The telephone numbers of the medical guard and emergency services can, at any time, be requested at the Reception.

Every infectious disease must be communicated to the Management.

18. Children's area

Children under 12 can stay in the common room only with their parents or with their parental authority. Please ensure that your children’s behavior is appropriate, also in relation to the other children present.

The toys cannot be taken away or damaged (parents please check).

19. Housekeeping

Garbage must be collected in the special bags of the collection bins located in the bedrooms and bathrooms of the bedrooms and in the common room. Please carry out the separate collection correctly, as indicated.

20. Values

For your safety, we ask you not to leave valuables and objects unattended.

We kindly ask you to notify and deliver upon receipt the discovery or loss of things

Furthermore, every time you leave the room, please lock the door and check that the windows are tightly closed, in order to avoid any theft of valuables from the rooms

The Management declines all responsibility for the goods.

21. Responsibility

The Management of the B&B is not responsible for the lack of objects and/or valuables of the guests (each Guest is required to diligently custody the objects of his property), for damages resulting from events of force majeure and the nature of the thing (atmospheric events, natural disasters, epidemics, diseases, falling trees or branches or products that fall within the nature of plants, gusts of wind, accidents at the lake, damage or car theft in the parking area and in the area of the structure). For no reason, discounts will be recognized upon departure to cover any or presumed disservices that may occur as a result of the events described above Failure to comply with one or more points of this regulation and the rules contained therein may lead to the termination of the contract with the related economic and legal consequences. The Management of the B&B reserves the right to modify these regulations for reasons of opportunity and functioning of the services by posting the modifications at the reception of the B&B and publishing them on the B&B website. The Management reserves the right to modify these Regulations at any time, which will be displayed at the entrance and published on the B&B website.